10 Reasons To Go On A Small Ship Cruise In Greece

Small ship cruising in Greece allows you to explore the magnificent history, culture and heritage of this beautiful southeastern European nation in comfort and style. With thousands of idyllic islands dotted throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, spectacular landmark attractions and delicious culinary delights to sample, you are quite simply spoiled for choice.

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Still need convincing that Greece is the destination for you? Here are 10 reasons why you should go on a small ship cruise in Greece:

  1. Travel In Style

On board a small cruise ship you have your own space where you can relax in style. The spacious en suite cabins are comfortably furnished and boast a great range of amenities to ensure that you’re well looked after. In the ship’s public areas you can socialise with your fellow travellers, or kick back with a chilled drink as you admire the scenic views.

Cruise the Greek islands

  1. Visit The Hidden Islands

Cruising in Greece is all about exploring the hidden islands that are jewel-like embellishments in the shimmering azure seas. Explore the Cyclades (meaning ‘circle of islands’) and sail away to picturesque destinations on a Greek island-hopping adventure. With hundreds of inhabited, secluded and deserted islands to choose from you, will be completely enchanted on your vacation. Discover the secrets and treasures of Greece as you cruise the Peloponnese Peninsula, venture off the beaten track to Hydra, and enjoy sunset views of the Acropolis.

  1. Access All Areas

Small ship cruises have a distinct advantage when it comes to providing guests with direct access. When you reach your destination your ship is able to dock in places that larger ships cannot. You can disembark and begin your Greek island adventure straight away. You can also return to the ship throughout the day, should you want to drop off shopping or take an afternoon nap.

Small ship cruising in Greece

  1. Feel Like A VIP

On board a small ship cruise guest space is limited to around 40-50 people. The smaller number of passengers means that the crew and staff are able to offer you a personalised service that caters to your individual needs. With so much attention available, you’ll quickly feel like a VIP. On our Greek islands cruise, the attentive staff will soon know you on a first name basis and how you like your favourite drink.

Greece small ship cruises

  1. Create Your Own Entertainment

As small cruise ships are compact in size they don’t have the type of entertainment facilities that large ships offer. Whilst there is a fantastic sun deck, there is no swimming pool, casino or theatre. That doesn’t mean that you will be bored with nothing to do. Access the crystal clear turquoise waters for a swim or snorkel experience, via the swimming platform located at the rear of the ship. Practice your photography skills by taking plenty of scenic snapshots. Absorb the authentic Greek vibe from the comfort of a reclining chair, as you sail towards your Greek island paradise. A small ship cruise is for a discerning traveller who likes to discover the true heart of the country.

  1. Feast On Authentic Greek Cuisine

A lip-smacking opportunity to sample many delicious authentic Greek dishes await you on an island-hopping small ship cruise. Start the day with a tasty buffet breakfast and discover traditional regional flavours for lunch. Enjoy market-fresh produce and freshly prepared meals that are typical of the places that you visit. The one special themed night also features a feast of fabulous Greek food and drink. As our Greek island cruises are half board, you get your own time to discover local restaurants, or call our travel experts for off-the-beaten track suggestions.

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  1. Explore The Iconic Historic Sites

No trip to the Greek Islands is complete without a visit to the iconic historic sites that are famous all over the world. Visit the birthplace of Western civilisation and learn about the mythical history and legends of the ancient Gods.

Santorini on a small ship cruise

  1. Visit Scenic Beauty Spots

Take a break from the famous historical attractions of Delos and Athens and discover the spectacular scenic beauty of the Greek islands. On an island-hopping small cruise adventure you can admire the breathtaking panoramic vistas of Mykonos, Kynthos and Santorini, and explore many charming whitewashed villages. Climb the hill at Santorini to try and capture your best shot of the famous blue domes.

Swim stops on Greek Islands cruises

  1. Dive In

On board a small ship cruise in Greece you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy relaxing recreation on the water. The smaller ship can easily access remote and secluded beaches and coves where you can dive right into the warm azure waters.

  1. Do Your Bit For The Environment

Small ship cruising is far less damaging to the environment than sailing on board big ships that are powered by enormous diesel engines. With lower emission levels of sulphur dioxide and less sewerage and waste, a small ship cruise offers a more mindful option for exploring Greece.

We offer three small ship cruises in the Greek Islands. Looking to explore the CycladesPeloponnese or Southern Islands, we have curated the best itineraries to explore Greece. Give our travel experts a call today and ask about extending your trip to spend a few nights in Athens, beautiful Santorini or any other Greek location. Our team are on hand to give the best Greek restaurant recommendations, the most fascinating tours and the most off-the-beaten track experiences.

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