Julian’s Upcoming Trip to The Seychelles

We caught up with the Sales and Marketing Manager at Unforgettable Cruises, Julian, to ask him about his upcoming trip to the Seychelles.

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1. When will you be traveling to the Seychelles?

I am flying out with my wife to Seychelles on 6th September for the Seychelles ‘Garden of Eden’ cruise from 7th to 14th September. Following the week-long cruise, we are staying in a beachside resort hotel for 4 nights, before flying back to London on 18th September.

The ship we will be traveling on is like a mega-yacht, called the ‘Pegasos’ with a maximum of just 44 guests and 18 staff and all meals included. With such a high staff to guest ratio, we are likely to be pampered! We’re looking forward to enjoying delicious and healthy ocean-view meals al fresco, as well as BBQ lunches on remote beaches.

You can find out more about the newly renovated M/W Pegasos here!

 2. How long will you be staying in the Seychelles?

I believe that we are planning to visit a total selection of 10 different islands during the week’s cruise, from the total of 115 islands.

3. Which islands are you planning on visiting?

The main island that we fly to is Mahe and the capital city is called Victoria. The 2nd island of the Seychelles is Praslin. We will be visiting the following islands, although the itinerary is subject to change, depending on various factors; Mahe – St Anne – Curieuse – Cousin Island – Praslin – Aride – St Pierre Island – Felicite Island – La Digue Island – Moyenne Island

You could visit these beautiful islands as well on our Seychelles Islands Cruise. 

Seychelles, Unforgettable Cruises

4. Have you visited the Seychelles before?

We’ve never been to the Seychelles, but we did go to Mauritius a couple of years ago for our honeymoon so we have very fond memories of the Indian Ocean.

5. Why did you decided to visit the Seychelles?

The Seychelles is purely a once-in-a-lifetime dream destination and a few of our friends who have visited, told us that’s it is a true paradise. It is simply one of those places, that has to be on the bucket-list.

6. What are you most looking forward to doing whilst you are there?

Whist we are away, our number one priority is to relax and we’re looking forward to taking it easy on the sundeck, whilst spending some quality time together in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Living in such a large city (London) we both really appreciate the great outdoors and spending time enjoying mother nature. This is something that we can definitely do in Seychelles, with the blue ocean and deep green mountains all around, packed with palm trees and some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

I’ve also heard that the islands boast an incredible mix of exotic bird species. In Mauritius we enjoyed the experiencing the rich birdlife and I believe that it is similar in the Seychelles.
Apparently a quarter million birds breed on Cousin Island which also has nesting beaches for turtles, so we are really looking forward to visiting this island.

I’m personally really looking forward to the refreshing swim stops and the snorkelling, although my wife is not a keen swimmer, so will probably laze about on deck and take the photos!
It’s safe to say, that both of us are looking forward to swapping autumnal London, with this trip to the Indian Ocean.


If you are interested in visiting the Seychelles, you can find all of our cruises to the Seychelles here or give our knowledgeable staff a call on +44 208 004 2345.