Kasha’s Top Tips For The Seychelles

We caught up with Kasha, the Operations Manager for Unforgettable Cruises, who has just returned from a 2 week trip to the Seychelles. We picked her brain about her experience and here is what she had to say…

Seychelles, Unforgettable Cruises

What were the people like?

They were all very friendly, they would stop and talk to you on the street or suggest local places to visit. One man even stopped working to show us where the waterfall was when we were lost, it was really kind of him.

Did you see any animals whilst you were there?

We saw turtles, tortoises, lots of fish and birds. They are very famous for their birds, especially on Praslin Island.

What was your favourite island you visited?

It’s hard to say. We visited three main islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – each one with its own charm. If I had to choose, I would say I like Praslin Island the best because of the National Park and the coco de mer palm trees, which are famous for producing the largest and heaviest nuts. It also has really nice beaches there, like Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. But on the other side is La Digue which I also really liked because it is an island where you can only cycle. I love cycling, so it was an amazing experience to be able to ride my bike next to the beach.

What type of food did you eat there?

I tried to eat the local food whilst I was out there, which is typically Indian cuisine. They serve a lot of beef, chicken, fish, rice and lots of curries, but some of the curries can be really spicy so be careful. We were prewarned that eating in restaurants can be expensive and often not have very good food, so we ate a lot of takeaway food where local people would cook and we could sit down and eat.

The Seychelles, Unforgettable Cruise

Did you do any activities whilst you were there?

We did do snorkelling which was fun. We saw lots of fishes underwater and even spotted a turtle. We also went on a couple boat trips to see the different islands which was great.

Would you recommend other people visit the Seychelles?

I would recommend visiting Mahe and La Digue and are looking for a holiday where you can do lots of activities, like cycling or snorkelling.

Do you have any top tips for our customers travelling there?

I would suggest you bring local currency. They do accept euros but sometimes you will end up paying more, rather than if you used their own local currency.
You should also make sure you take a guided tour of the National Park in Praslin. It does not cost much, and they tell you some interesting facts about how the coco de mer palm has separate male and female trees. My final tip is to make sure you relax. Everyone in the Seychelles is very calm, no one is rushing about like they are here, so I suggest relaxing like the locals and enjoy your holiday.

Would you visit the Seychelles again?

Yes I would, it honestly felt like a completely different world over there. The people were amazing, the people in the hotels we stayed in were so friendly, they even gave us a welcome pack when we arrived and souvenirs when we left. So far it has been my top destination and I would definitely visit the Seychelles again.


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