Which Greek Island Cruise Is Right For You?

The sun-kissed islands of Greece are an exceptional island-hopping cruise destination. Whether you’re especially attracted to the spectacular and breath-taking scenery, beautiful secluded sandy beaches, or Greece’s abundance of iconic landmarks and historic attractions that date back as far as the 5th century BC, you will easily find a small ship cruise that is just right for you.

Greek Cyclades Island Cruise 

Eight days and seven nights is sufficient time to explore the magical and mythical Cyclades islands. Situated in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, the ‘circle of islands’ centres on the uninhabited island of Delos, which is home to important archaeological ruins and discoveries, and also the birthplace of Apollo. Find out more >

Polyegos, Small Ship Cruises in Greece

Begin your idyllic Cyclades island-hopping adventure in picturesque Poros where you can relax and unwind on a gorgeous sandy beach. The tiny island of Poliegos is solely inhabited by a herd of friendly goats. Swim in the sparkling sea and enjoy a BBQ lunch. On the scenic island of Syros you have a choice of 18 beaches to choose from.

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Greek islands. Take your time absorbing the vibe as you feast your eyes on the iconic sight of rugged clifftops, whitewashed houses and blue domed rooftops. At the heart of the Cyclades islands, Antiparos boasts a laidback atmosphere and plenty of charming traditional tavernas.

Instantly step back in time as you wander through the ruins at the archaeological and religious site of Delos. After browsing the attractions on display in the museum, you can venture to magical Mykonos aboard your small cruise ship.

  • The Greek Cyclades Island cruise is the perfect option for travellers wishing to enjoy a sublime balance between history, culture and adventure.
  • This takes place on a small cruise ship, with capacity for just 49 guests, for a more personal cruising experience.
  • The cruise is half-board and you can enjoy unique extra experiences like local wine-tasting.
  • Dining on board is excellent and served A La Carte.
  • A week’s cruise starts from £1,689 or $2,195. Find out more online here or call us from a number on this page.

Mykonos, Small Ship Cruises in Greece

Southern Greek Islands Cruise

The Southern Greek Islands cruise takes you off the beaten track to discover breath-taking attractions that are both ancient and new. The classical expedition visits the famous archaeological site of Delos, where ancient ruins of a port, markets, houses and religious temples await you. In Mykonos, visit the iconic windmill attractions and enjoy modern nightlife entertainment. Read the full itinerary here >

Sensational Santorini is blessed with a distinctive rugged landscape that is embellished with blue roof, whitewashed houses and black, white and red lava pebble beaches. Offering a scenic contrast is the idyllic island of Kythira, on the Peloponnese Peninsula, where Venetian castles, cascading waterfalls and secluded gorges and valleys demand your attention.

Nafplion, Small Ship Cruises in Greece

In the medieval fortified town of Monemvasia and the seaport Nafplion, you can discover magnificent Byzantine and Venetian architecture in a stunning natural setting. The imposing walled palace of Agamemnon, in Mycenae, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that no history buff will want to miss.

Hydra, Small Ship Cruises in Greece

Situated further afield between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf, the island of Hydra flaunts a beautiful harbour, pretty waterfront cafes, charming villas and fine restaurants. It’s not surprising that the island attracts celebrity visitors.

  • The Southern Greek Islands cruise is a great option if you love to combine sightseeing with a cosmopolitan relaxation experience.
  • This cruise is operated on one of two small cruise ships which both have a maximum capacity of under 50 guests, offering a personal and friendly cruise environment.
  • Dining and service on board the ships is always excellent. Due to the small number of people on the ship, the crew will all know your name and any personal preferences soon into your journey.
  • There are fun events throughout the cruise like a private beach barbecue, a Greek-themed evening and the Captain’s Dinner. All are great fun, informal and designed for you to get to know your fellow passengers and crew better.
  • Prices start from £2,074 or $2,695 per person for a week’s cruise with half board. Read more about the cruise and route here, or call us using the information on this page here.

Delphi, island-hopping cruises in Greece

Peloponnese & Greek Islands Cruise

The Peloponnese & Greek Island cruise features optional half-day excursions to legendary Delphi and historic Olympia. The famous and important archaeological sites showcase many fine examples of classical Greek architecture, situated in enchanting scenery.

Visit the ancient healing sanctuary of Epidaurus that is surrounded by fragrant orange and lemon groves, and enjoy a scenic tour of the countryside en route to the archaeological site and fortified citadel of Mycenae. Explore windswept Gythion, the magnificent caves of Diros, and the significant historic site of Areopolis.

Delphi, Peloponnese Cruise

Olympia is the birthplace of the modern day Olympic Games, and also home to the ancient temples of Hera and Zeus. Discover the finest example of classical Greek architecture at the site of the circular Philippeion. Situated atop Mount Parnassus, in Delphi, is the famous Temple of Apollo. The extensive archaeological complex is a breathtaking vista that encompasses a sanctuary, theatre and stadium. Imagine yourself standing there in days long gone by.

  • If you love nothing better that soaking up the sun, atmosphere, history and culture of your Greece holiday hotspot, the Peloponnese & Greek Island cruise is the ultimate travel option for you.
  • Our professional English-speaking cruise manager will guide you around the ship, the fantastic excursions and answer any questions you might have.
  • Included in the cruise are some great evening activities like a Greek-themed evening, private beach barbecue and Captain’s Dinner. These are informal evenings in a relaxed atmosphere where you can get to know your crew, captain and fellow guests better.
  • Prices for summer 2019 start at £962 or $1,250 per person. Read more about the day by itinerary and route here, or give us a call using the information on this page.