Cape Verde Islands

A unique travel experience

Comprising of 12 floating isles in a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde) promises a unique travel experience. Its prime location, 500kms from the coast of Senegal means that you can expect to experience a diverse Creole Portuguese-African culture, beautiful breathtaking scenic landscapes and powdery white sandy beaches.

On a luxury Cape Verde cruise you can island hop and soak up the sun and fantastic atmosphere. Cape Verde’s largest island, Santiago, boasts the capital city of Praia and the imposing clifftop fortress of Forte Real de São Felipe. Explore the well-preserved colonial city of Mindelo on Sao Vincente Island and its lively nightlife. Visit the peaceful seaside villages, and admire the craggy mountain peaks and sugar cane and flower-laden valleys while out on a hike.

The pleasant tropical climate of Cape Verde makes it the perfect cruise destination all year round. You can relax and enjoy uninterrupted sunshine while you visit the enchanting far-flung islands and discover secluded sparkling bays, and the magnificent 3,000-metre volcano that towers over the stunning landscape. Expect to hear the traditional morna music on your island hopping explorations. Off the beaten track you will find the perfect piece of paradise and an unspoiled spot.

Best Time to Go  All year round
Capital Praia
Currency Cape Verdean escudo
Time Difference GMT-1:00
Expert Tip The landscapes of the islands on Cape Verde are notoriously diverse, but none is more surprising than the Viana Desert; rolling dunes of white sand in the middle of the Atlantic. It has to be seen to be believed.
Cape Verde Cruises, Palmeira


The picturesque fishing town of Palmeira is adorned with cute little boats that line the black coral coastline, on the west coast. As one of the larger towns in the Cape Verde archipelago, Palmeira boasts a lively atmosphere, and a colourful collection of family friendly restaurants and fast food joints.

Cape Verde Cruises, São Filipe, Fogo

São Filipe, Fogo

Rising to 2,829 metres, the volcanic mountain of Pico de Fogo dominates the rural landscape of the town of São Filipe, on the island of Fogo. Cape Verde’s highest elevation offers magnificent views of the town, from the ancient caldeira (gigantic volcanic crater) that encircles the base of the mountain.

Cape Verde Cruises, Santo Antao

Porto Novo, Santo Antao

The town of Porto Novo, of the island of Santo Antão offers unlimited adventures for active travellers and avid explorers. Hiking in the beautiful unspoiled countryside and craggy mountains promises outstanding photo opportunities. Escape to the towering green peaks and fertile craters and discover a private and idyllic rural retreat.