Myanmar (Burma)

Culturally diverse, magical and intriguing

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is an extraordinary Southeast Asian nation with diverse culture, rich history, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and unique attractions. Explore the country’s mythical rivers on a luxury cruise, and experience an unforgettable voyage of discovery. The complex country is encircled by Bangladesh, China, Laos, India and Thailand and boasts over 4000 sacred Buddhist stupas and religious sites. As the famous writer Rudyard Kipling is often quoted as saying, “‘It will be quite unlike any land you know about.”

The best time to explore Myanmar’s gilded pagoda studded landscapes, ancient Buddhist relics and charming towns and villages is during the winter season, from November to February. If you want to avoid the crowds visiting Mandalay and Bagan, the rainy season is preferable. As the climate is typically tropical monsoon, opt to wear clothing that is light and cool or a traditional “longyi”.

Visit the magical sacred sites to experience a unique connection with the culture, people and country. The Buddhist stupas and temples are an important part of Myanmar’s history and traditional values. The relaxed pace of life is perfect for enjoying the sights as you drift down the Ayeyarwady River exploring the towns and villages en route.

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Cruises in Myanmar

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Situated on the Irrawaddy River, the former royal capital Mandalay is Myanmar’s second largest city, and the spiritual and economic hub. It boasts bustling wide lanes to accommodate the expanding traffic. The restored Mandalay Palace and the Mahamuni Pagoda, with its colossal shimmering gold Buddha statue, are magnificent sights to behold.

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Known as the ‘City of Immortality’, Amarapura is a township of the city of Mandalay. Its position on the boundaries of the Irrawaddy River provides access to many treasures. The old city is home to the ancient ruins of the Amarapura Palace and royal tombs, sacred temples, and the iconic U Bein Bridge.

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Famed for its tobacco and thanakha production, Pakokku is an enchanting riverside town that is primarily used as a transit point for travellers. It boasts a bridge that connects to the ancient city of Bagan and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. To experience authentic Myanmar life, visit the bustling markets on a motorised tuk-tuk.