Caribbean Cruises

Nostalgia, timeworn charm and vibrancy

The Caribbean is the southeast region of the Americas. It encompasses the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the neighbouring coasts. One of the region’s most popular cruise attraction is undoubtedly vibrant and colourful Cuba. The communist-run country is famous for its pristine sugar-white shoreline and secluded bays, the Spanish-colonial architecture, and upbeat vibe.

The Caribbean Islands each have a microclimate that is uniquely their own. Temperatures in the peak summer period rarely fall below 27°C, or soar above an uncomfortable 33°C. Cuba’s traditional hot salsa music is the perfect soundtrack to an unforgettable cruise travel adventure. The magnificent mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and stunning waterfalls offer unlimited scenic opportunities. The fertile countryside is dotted with sugar cane plains, and the tobacco fields that still play a major part in the production of the country’s legendary cigars.

Visit the capital city of Havana on a Cuba cruise and explore Old Havana’s 16th century history, pre-Columbian culture and Spanish colonialism. Admire the quaintly timeworn pastel-coloured houses and the glamorous vintage 1950s-era automobiles that give Cuba its timeless appeal. The air of nostalgia creates a unique experience for every Caribbean cruise traveller. When you want to relax, simply head for the sun bleached white beaches that stretch for miles along the coastline.

Cruises in the Caribbean

Caribbean Cruises, Havana


Cuba’s capital city, Havana, is a colourful melting pot of history, creativity and culture. Its contemporary art scene is currently causing something of a revolution in artistic circles. The major port city boasts pastel coloured architecture, classic vintage automobiles, fashionable bars, cafes and restaurants, and many of Hemingway’s popular haunts.

Caribbean Cruises, Cienfuegos


Well known for its distinctive colonial buildings, Cienfuegos is a coastal city that is locally dubbed ‘the Pearl of the South’. The city is split into two distinct parts: the colonnaded central zone, with its stately Paseo del Prado; and Punta Gorda, a native ecosystem that boasts beachfront bars and restaurants.

Caribbean Cruises, Bay of Pigs

Bay of Pigs

The famous Bay of Pigs is situated on the southern coast of the Zapata Peninsula. The inlet is home to the Museo de Playa Girón, featuring historic artefacts from the event that took place on April 17th, 1961. Dive into the bay to discover one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets – a world of colourful corals.