Romantically decadent and upbeat

The vibrant and colourful Caribbean island nation of Cuba has a rich artistic heritage and many of the best beaches in the world. The communist run country is famous for its fine sugar-white shoreline, Spanish-colonial architecture, cheerful but quaintly timeworn pastel coloured houses and showy vintage 1950s-era cars. Cuba’s traditional upbeat hot salsa music is the perfect soundtrack to the picturesque sights that greet you on an unforgettable cruise travel adventure.

The capital city Havana is steeped in 16th century history, pre-Columbian culture and the influence of Spanish colonialism. Admire the pretty pastel hue houses that line the city’s streets, and the classic cars that drive by. The atmosphere of nostalgia is what creates a unique and enduring holiday experience in this appealing cruise destination.

Cuba’s majestic mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and spectacular waterfalls are harmonious balanced by the stunning sun bleached white sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the coastline. The fertile countryside is dotted with sugar cane plains and tobacco fields that still play a major part in the production of the country’s legendary hand-rolled cigars. The island’s natural beauty and charm is undeniable. Cruise Cuba to experience the romantic decadence of yesteryear, and to gaze in awe at the wonderful sights.

Best Time to Go  October – March
Capital Havana
Currency Cuban peso
Time Difference  GMT-6:00
Expert Tip No night out in Havana is complete without a trip to the famous Floridita Bar, where Earnest Hemingway drank daiquiris for 25 years.

Cruises in Cuba

Cuba Cruises, Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur

The tiny resort of Cayo Largo del Sur sits on Cuba’s southern coast. On the stunning pure white sands of Playa Tortuga sea turtles lay their eggs. The marine environment is home to a sea turtle farm and conservation centre, and also fantastic reefs with over 30 spectacular dive sites.

Unforgettable Cruises, Trinidad


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trinidad is Cuba’s oldest and most captivating ‘outdoor living museum’. The quaint cobblestone streets, grand multi hued colonial buildings and colourful native country folk bring Cuba’s culture to life. The vibrant town also boasts large plazas, vintage 1950’s taxis, and a lively music scene.

Unforgettable Cruises, Gardens of the Queen

Gardens of the Queen

‘Jardines de la Reina’ is an archipelago of countless tiny islands that attract an abundance of marine life. The popular diving and fishing destination was one of Fidel Castro’s favourite fishing spots. The stunning underwater landscape features canyons, pinnacles and caves. A limited number of divers are allowed to explore the protected site.