Indian Ocean Cruises

Due to its rich trading history, the Indian Ocean was once known as “Ratnakara”, the Sanskrit word for “creator of gems”. Flanked and defined by Africa’s east coast and Madagascar, the calm azure waters are dotted with a plethora of exotic isles. Luxury Indian Ocean cruising allows you to visit many of the beautiful idyllic islands that lie in the third largest oceanic region in the world.

The magnificent endemic wildlife of the stunning and fascinating islands provides ample observation encounters in close quarters. As a contrast, the islands of the Seychelles and the Maldives offer the perfect beach escape experience. The pristine palm tree lined, sun kissed white sandy beaches boast crystal clear waters and excellent scuba diving and snorkelling sites. If culture and history are your thing there many iconic sights to captivate you on the enchanting islands.

The Indian Ocean has an unusual climate that varies from region to region. In the Seychelles, the climate is tropical all year round, with a humid rainy season and a cooler, dry season. The Maldives boasts year-round equatorial temperatures with two monsoons. On our luxury Indian Ocean cruise you can relax and enjoy a scenic adventure with an exclusive retreat experience.

Cruises in the Indian Ocean

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Benoa, Bali - Unforgettable Cruises

Benoa, Bali

Measuring just 153 km by 112 km, the island of Bali may be small, but it makes up for its compact size in appealing attractions. Tanjung Benoa is a peninsula, and the local cruise port that provides access to Indonesia’s volcanic islands. The curved coastline also boasts beautiful sandy beaches.

St Anne Island, cruise the Seychelles

St Anne Island, Seychelles

St Anne Island was discovered by French explorer Lazare Picault in 1742. The island is the largest of eight, in the eponymously named National Park. Palm tree-fringed idyllic beaches are in plentiful supply. The balmy climate and warm waters emphasise the laidback beach life, and provide an excuse for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Hawksbill Turtle, Maldives

Villivaru Giri, Maldives

Villivaru Giri is a spectacular reef pinnacle situated in the South Malé Atoll. The location is one of the top scuba diving sites in the Maldives. The shallow patch of coral is embellished with interesting holes, crevices and overhangs where marine life can be spotted. The site is perfect for night diving.