Bali & Indonesia

Multi-cultural, tropical and magical

Cruise through Indonesia’s beautiful 18,000+ islands en route to the magical temples, markets and traditional rice terraces that highlight the Indonesian archipelago’s unique character. As you sail to the colourful and idyllic islands you can acquaint yourself with the historic culture of the Southeast Asian nation. Travelling between June and October allows you to enjoy the relatively stable 26°C tropical temperature, while avoiding the extreme variations of the raining season.

Indonesia is where you will discover stunning sandy beaches, dramatic volcanic landscapes and exotic creatures like Komodo dragons, orangutans and tigers. In the sprawling capital city of Jakarta, on Java Island, you can admire the architecture, cuisine and vibrant mix of Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European cultures. Bali promises to reveal its forested volcanic terrain, iconic rice paddies and breathtaking coral reefs.

On a luxury cruise to the Bali and Indonesian islands you can expect to enjoy unlimited wonders. Observe the Komodo dragon, the largest living reptile, in its natural habitat, explore the salted water crater lake on Satonda Island, and relax on the pristine beaches on the island of Moyo. The archipelago’s magical underwater world exhibits colourful coral reefs where whale sharks and seahorses live in perfect harmony.

Best Time to Go   June – October
Capital Jakarta
Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Time Difference  GMT+7:00 to GMT +9:00
Expert Tip  Satonda Island is named after the dormant volcano that was once the cause of the most devastating eruption in history. The island is shaped like a black basaltic cone, emerging from the azure sea. Wander along the sandy coastline to the trail that leads you into the volcano’s caldera.

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Unforgettable Cruises, Bali


Measuring just 153 km by 112 km, the island of Bali may be small, but it makes up for its compact size in appealing attractions. Tanjung Benoa is a peninsula, and the local cruise port that provides access to Indonesia’s volcanic islands. The curved coastline also boasts beautiful sandy beaches.

Unforgettable Cruises, Komodo

Komodo National Park

Rinca Island is one of the three main islands that make up the UNESCO world heritage site, the Komodo National Park. The island is famous for its native inhabitant – the Komodo dragon – and also for its excellent dive sites. Expect an influx of tourists, as the major attractions are exceptionally popular.

Unforgettable Cruises, Lombok

Lombok Island

Situated a 2-hour speedboat ride away from Bali, Lombok Island is a secret beach retreat. The surfer’s paradise boasts sparkling turquoise waters and soft white sands. As home to Indonesia’s second highest volcano, the island also offers excellent hiking opportunities. From the summit you can gaze upon a spectacular sunset.