Pacific Cruises

Totally tropical and colourful

The vastness of the Pacific Ocean is yours to explore on one of our luxury Pacific Island Cruises. The largest and deepest of the world’s oceanic divisions extends from the northern Arctic Ocean to Antarctica. The 11 million square miles are bounded by Asia and Australia in the west and the Americas in the east. Dotted all over the endless seascape are thousands of tiny coral and volcanic-stone islands.

The South Pacific is often described as “paradise on Earth”. Islands like Fiji boast a unique castaway ambience that makes them exceptionally appealing. The palm-fringed beaches and crystal clear azure waters offer the ultimate tropical getaway. You can explore Fiji’s 300 plus archipelago islands that crisscross the Pacific, or escape to the magnificent underwater world of the colourful coral reefs. The marine life of the extensive oceanic region is as diverse as its endemic wildlife. There are also unspoiled forests and spectacular landscapes to enjoy.

The dry season runs from May to October and is the ideal time for luxury Pacific cruising. The year-round tropical climates typically hover around 75 °F, and ensure that the weather remains constantly sunny, warm and humid. The fresh sea breezes of the dry season help you cool off.

Cruises in the Pacific

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Pacific Islands Cruises, Modriki Island

Modriki Island, Fiji

Famously known as the secluded location of the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away”, uninhabited Modriki Island is part of the Mamanuca group of islands sited off the coast of Viti Levu, in the islands of Fiji. The southernmost and smallest islet of a group of three, Modriki is volcanic and rich in coral.

Unforgettable Cruises, Galapagos

Cerro Brujo, Galapagos

Cerro Brujo, on San Cristobal Island, is only accessible via panga. Its most popular attractions are the stunning white sand coral beach, the breathtaking scenic landscape, and the endemic species of beautiful flora and fauna. On the beach you can observe sea lions, brown pelicans, marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies.

Unforgettable Cruises, Galapagos

Bartolome, Galapagos

The uninhabited volcanic islet of Bartolome is centrally located in the Galápagos archipelago, and is one of the younger islands. On a clear day, you can easily enjoy spectacular panoramas stretching all the way to neighbouring isles, from the best vantage point. Colonies of penguins, sea lions and marine birds are frequent visitors.