The Amazon

Amazing, diverse and spectacular

An Amazon cruise is an exceptional expedition and a once in a lifetime adventure experience. The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and covers much of northwest Brazil, while also partially extending into the neighbouring South American countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The Amazon basin is crisscrossed by thousands of waterways, including the Amazon River.

Although South America boasts a wide variety of climates, steamy heat is the typical forecast for the Amazon basin. During the rainy season of December to April you can expect the hot, humid and damp tropical heat to subside a little. On a luxury cruise adventure you can explore untouched areas of significant biodiversity in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

There are very few places in the world that can match the Amazon region, for the sheer diversity of its amazing and fascinating flora and fauna. Venture into the jungle to discover ecosystems, breathtaking landscapes and endemic wildlife. Learn about the natural habitats of the endangered Amazon River dolphins, Taricaya turtles and manatees, and look out for the unique species of plant life in the flooded forests. Don’t forget to gaze above into the leafy canopy, to spot the dangling three-toed sloth and exotic birdlife.

Best Time to Go  December – April
Country our cruise visits Peru
Currency Peruvian Sol
Time Difference  GMT+5:00
Expert Tip Iquitos City in the region of Loreto in Peru is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. Despite this, there are no roads; it is only accessible by water or air, so it has developed a fascinating economy in order to support itself.

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The Peruvian port city of Iquitos is the largest metropolis in the Amazon. Unreachable by road, the city boasts excellent air and river links. The vibrant rainforest jungle surrounds a lively hub with elegant bars and restaurants situated along the waterfront. As the gateway to the Amazon, Iquitos flaunts many enticements.

Amazon river cruises, Nauta


Situated just 100km from the provincial capital, Nauta is an elegant riverside town sited on the Marañón River. The classic period architecture and a bustling market are the town’s main attractions. Nauta’s prime location makes it a popular destination for visitors wishing to access the Marañón, Ucayali and Amazon Rivers.

Maranon River, Amazon Cruise

Marañon River

Flowing through an eroded Andean valley, the Marañón River is the principal source of the Amazon River. The river is locally known as the ‘Grand Canyon of South America’ and runs through Peru and into the Amazon plains. Where it unites with the Ucayali River, the Amazon River is formed.