Small Ship Cruises

All of our cruises are operated on small cruise ships. The largest has capacity for 72 guests, and the smallest just 16. The majority of the fleet accommodates around 40 passengers. We are strong believers that small cruise ships are one of the best ways to travel.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Small Numbers

With an average of just 40 like-minded passengers, you’re in excellent company. There are no queues for anything, there’s plenty of room for everyone on the sun deck and dining areas and you’re bound to make some new friends along the way.

Unforgettable Cruises, Small Ships

Personal Service

With fewer guests to look after, the staff and crew have ample time per person. You’ll quickly get to know the friendly staff by name. Take a look at our ultimate luxury cruises to see which destinations offer a truly five-star experience.

Small ship cruising

A Warm Welcome

You will be welcomed more warmly to smaller, more traditional areas. Our luxury small cruise ships, with fewer guests, provide locals with good business without overcrowding their home towns.

Small Cruise Ships


Our small cruise ships can access ports and calling points that their large cousins cannot. Whether it’s a pristine sand bank in the Maldives, or a village on stilts in the Mekong River, they will help you create unforgettable experiences

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